Isawa Reiko

Gokenin (Estate Manager) for the Phoenix Delegation


The first thing most people notice about Reiko is the aura of serenity that radiates from her. More than just being personally unphased by challenges that face her, those in her presence tend to feel comforted, relaxed, and at peace. She is regularly asked to perform tea ceremonies for guests of the Phoenix.

While not a striking beauty, she is certainly not hard on the eyes. She has regal eyes, a gentle smile, and black hair that shimmers almost down to her knees. Given her age (she is approaching 30) it’s a little surprising that neither she nor her family seem to have any designs on marriage, something the court likes to speculate on occasionally.


As Gokenin, her primary duties revolve around the household of the Phoenix Embassy itself. She takes care of things like making sure there are rooms for meetings, supplies for day-to-day operations, and staffing the basic functions of the delegation.

Isawa Reiko

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