Kaiu Tanari

Gokenin (Estate Manager) for the Crab Delegation


Tanari is much younger than he appears, but still older than most of the samurai who report to him. His hair – which was once black, but is about half-grey at this point – is kept short and utilitarian, topping a craggy, scowling face. His physique is substantial, if somewhat rounded, for his average height, and his direct gaze seems to exert a physical pressure on anyone who draws his attention. In fact, his implacable nature has earned him the nickname Ishijin – or “stone man” – when he is out of earshot.


As Gokenin, he spends most of his time managing the cadence of the Crab Embassy itself, making sure things move at a proper rhythm and establish a foundation to support the work of those above him. He ensures that materials for construction arrive on time, duty shifts are appropriately structured, and any unexpected events do not cause unwarranted disturbance.

Kaiu Tanari

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