Moto Yat-Sen

Nikutai of the Unicorn Jungle Scouts


Yat-Sen is a man of very limited patience. Those assigned underneath him had better be ready to travel light, keep up, and complain very little, or face the consequences. He spends very little time in the Second City itself, as the scout unit has very few men for the amount of territory they are expected to scout and Yat-Sen hates to waste valuable time.

Bearing an intense gaze and an ugly scar on his left cheek from an arrow that nearly cost him his eye, Yat-Sen is intimidating to say the least. He has dark brown hair that is roughly tied at the back of his neck, and he carries a Scimitar – a favored weapon of his family – rather than a katana when on duty.


The jungle is a pretty terrible place for a horse. Moreover, bringing horses across the sea from Rokugan to the Colonies is challenging under the most ideal circumstances. Based on these factors, many had their doubts as to the effectiveness of Unicorn scouts in the areas surrounding the Second City.

The results have silenced those doubts thoroughly, thanks in no small part to Moto Yat-Sen, a skilled and relentless young bushi who has developed a significant reputation for himself in the Second City and beyond. Under his command, threats to the Colonies were dispatched before the reports even reached the Governor’s desk, new strategies were developed to adapt to the terrain and balance the usage of mounts, and losses – not just of Samurai, but also of workers in the Colonies – are presently at an all-time low.

Moto Yat-Sen

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