Shosuro Natsumi

Scorpion Clan Ambassador


The Scorpion Clan has put forward a very unique quandary to head their delegation to the Colonies. They claim that Natsumi and her identical twin sister Katsumi are, in fact, a single soul, and as such may simultaneously hold the same office.

Despite the reluctance on the part of the other Ambassadors to entertain this notion, so far no attempts to prove the pair incapable of the task have accomplished anything other than build their reputation. For example, (according to rumor) one sister can answer questions based on information told to the other despite the two being in completely different places.

The pair are indistinguishable from one another, aside from wearing masks that are mirrored left to right. They are also distractingly attractive, and willing to use that advantage whenever it suits them.


Shosuro Natsumi

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