Togashi Hokuma

Sensei for the Dragon Delegation


Hokuma is a towering man, with a shaved head and a loud, boisterous voice. He prefers to go bare-chested, exposing multiple tattoos, but will wear a loose shirt when propriety requires. His ability to ask maddening questions is incredibly frustrating to his students, but members of the court sometimes amuse themselves by engaging him in conversation and seeing who can go longer without being stymied.


At a glance, it seems strange to most that an Ise Zumi would be handling the weight of the training for the Dragon embassy. However, as Hokuma is happy to explain, the lesson of the Second City is flexibility above all else. Anyone who finds themselves in the Colonies is going to be confronted by the strange and the unknown constantly, and therefore the most important lessons that can be taught are how to deal with the unpredictable, are they not?

It’s an unorthodox view, for certain, but one that most find very difficult to dismiss. Further, it’s also difficult to argue that the Togashi are well-versed in matters of the unpredictable, so ultimately, who better for the role? This is in addition to factors such as the Ambassador’s close relations with the Tattooed Order, and the Dragon Delegation being smaller in general.

Togashi Hokuma

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