Yoritomo Iyama

Captain of the Evening Mist


Iyama is a short, balding man with uncommonly bushy facial hair for a Rokugani. His skin is leathery and tanned from spending most of his time exposed to the elements. His clothing is simple and utilitarian, and he rarely carries any weapon more intimidating than a work knife. When the seas are calm, and the crew doesn’t need his direction, he frequently pauses to enjoy an ornate kiseru.

His demeanor is hard, but not unfriendly – he projects an aura of perfect authority on his ship that is a force to be reckoned with, and he has little patience for passengers who get in the way. Such samurai find themselves ordered (with perfect courtesy) to stay below decks, and he certainly barks orders mercilessly at the crew under his command, but it rapidly becomes clear that he deserves this respect. He is capable, and clearly knows he is responsible for the lives of everyone aboard.


Yoritomo Iyama

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