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  • Crab Clan

    |{background:#ddd}. +*RETURN*+| |{background:#ddd}. [[Main Page]]| |{background:#ddd}. [[The Way Things Are | Setting]]| |{background:#ddd}. [[Character Rules]]| |{background:#ddd}. [[Factions of the Second City | …

  • Kaiu Isoshi

    h3. PUBLIC THREADS +Current+ * Rising talent in the Twin Forks City shogi scene (Ally Advantage) +Recent+ * Mastered the second Technique of the Kaiu Engineer school

  • Kaiu Tanari

    As Gokenin, he spends most of his time managing the cadence of the Crab Embassy itself, making sure things move at a proper rhythm and establish a foundation to support the work of those above him. He ensures that materials for construction arrive on …