A Colony Built on the Graves of Your Allies…

Once, this place was known as the Ivory Kingdoms — a land and a people as alien to the proper Rokugani as the far reaches of Chikushudo. Despite this, the beginnings of a secret alliance between the two civilizations had taken root.

However, the Empire was not the only group offering to assist the Ivory Kingdoms with their troubles… The Dark Lord Daigotsu sent representatives as well, claiming to represent the “Spider Clan”, and began planting the dark seeds of the Taint throughout the ranks of the Kshatriya. Only too late did the Empire discover that the Shadowlands had touched their prospective allies. By the time the citizens of the Ivory Kingdoms realized the truth of the plague sweeping through the population, the majority were already afflicted. They reached out for aid, but Toturi III knew the only solution, the only way to cleanse the Taint from such a number of people…

…was war.

That was just over 30 years ago. A small settlement — dubbed The Second City — was established after the grim conclusion of the Second Destroyer War, but it wasn’t until the next emperor, Toturi IV, took the throne that the area began to be considered a place of any real importance or value by the Great Clans. It is a chaotic place, where the traditions and “civilized” practices of your ancestors have been forced to bend and adapt to a land very different from Rokugan. A place of oppressive heat and encroaching jungles and strange echoes of the past… A place that has slept, but is stirring for the first time in almost two generations.

This is the place to which you are about to arrive.

  • Will you adapt to these strange circumstances, or stand on your principles?
  • Where will you look for allies, and where will you find your enemies?
  • Will you explore the ruins of the fallen Ivory Kingdoms, now reclaimed by the jungle, or will you stay “safely” within the walls of the city, working to make it a permanent bastion of the Emperor’s Will?

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