Mirumoto Hansho

Heir of the Ishari vassal family


At first glance Hansho appears as an ascetic, upon closer inspection the fabrics and materials of his dress bear out a finery nearing that of typical Crane garb. His head, including his face, is shaved, and very rarely shows more than a day’s worth of growth – even when away from civilization.

Hansho is of average height, but seems very fit, with a more barrel chested appearance than the typical Rokugani.

The daisho he wears are of fine quality, but also fairly new, made by the Tamori in their foundries sometime within the last decade. They saya is stained to look like a red wood and a light carving of a dragon spirals around it, the tsuba is also a stylized dragon. Comparatively the tsuka is rather plain, but the green traditionally inspired weaving is fine and provides a good grip.





  • Mastered the second Technique of the Mirumoto Bushi school

Mirumoto Hansho

Obsidian & Ivory Vition